Tiffany launched the new To Tiffany Love Return series


Return to tiffany jewelry series inspiration from 1969 Tiffany (Tiffany) design classic heart-shaped key ring, Tiffany this praise famous Fifth Avenue flagship store. In 1997, the further development of this series of tiffany jewelry, ladies, into the men’s jewelry and accessories. Now has become one of the most famous series of tiffany.
In 2016, Tiffany (Tiffany) for the classic series launched new styles and new return to tiffany jewelry outlet love series, regardless of built with 18k rose gold or sterling silver bracelets, pendants, cuff links, rings and earrings will launched in 1969 classic heart-shaped key ring, engraved the words “please return to love”.

Recently Holler Oracle Fox X Astrid’s Cheap Tiffany & Co Outlet. series filmed a group of AD. The model, wearing a simple black Bikini in the dark light, put off a more beautiful jewelry. Oracle fox is an Australian blogger, the young girl attaches great importance to details of dress collocation art and personal style, good use of accessories to decorate their own costumes, join the Tiffany & Co. launched cooperation shall let her all of a sudden promotion to the first blogger list.

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